The Endeavour Co-operative Academy Photo Galleries

The Endeavour Co-operative Academy Photo Galleries

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Policy statement for the use of photographic devices at The Endeavour

Photographs of children, taken individually or in groups, are taken by school staff:

  • To enhance displays around the school.
  • To demonstrate the delivery of the curriculum.
  • To demonstrate to parents and visitors how children engage with activities.
  • To enhance the school website.
  • As a record of learning across the school. In the FS only cameras provided by the school will be used to photograph children.

Photographs/videos are also taken by parents and other family members as a memento of their involvement in e.g. Christmas nativities, parties and sports days. On occasions, photographs of children may appear in the local newspapers, as a means of sharing our achievements with the community. Permission will have been sought from parents before they are submitted for publication.

At celebrations/school events other families may take photographs/videos that may include another child/ren, if parents have any objections to this please see a member of the staff. Parents taking photographs/videos at school events should take appropriate images, be sensitive to other people and try not to disrupt the event.

The images taken are only allowed on the understanding that they are for a family’s personal use and will not be reproduced or posted on any social networking sites, including ‘Facebook’. If any filming or photography is carried out by the news media, children will only be named if there is particular reason to do so, e.g. they have won a prize; home addresses will never be given out.

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