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The Endeavour 6th form approved

Following a recent application to the Regional Schools Commissioner, we are extremely pleased that The Endeavour Co-operative Academy’s application to extend the school’s age range has been approved, meaning that the school will welcome its first cohort of 6th form pupils in September 2021.

The introduction of a post-16, sixth form provision at The Endeavour Co-operative Academy allows existing Endeavour pupils to remain in education at the school in which they have spent a number of years.

Being familiar with their surroundings & staff will enable the pupils to be comfortable in their learning environment, which will lead to a more positive experience for them. The planning for the curriculum is that the pupils will continue to study literacy & numeracy, continuing their individual progress & Physical Education to experience off site facilities in the local community. In addition, pupils will study a BTEC course, which allows flexibility in subjects to aid preparation for life after education. Work Experience opportunities will give pupils time spent in the world of work.

The basic principles of a pupil attending the post-16 provision at Endeavour are to:

  • Further their preparation for contributing to society in a meaningful way once they have left school

  • Achieve an appropriate level in a number of accredited courses, building on achievements in Key Stage 4

  • Participate in vocational learning that contributes to their development as a person ready for life after school

The majority of pupils at Endeavour are independently employable, with a small number able to engage in supportive employment. By creating and delivering the curriculum outlined above, together with the philosophies and ethos of the Academy our sixth form will most definitely prepare our pupils for adulthood.

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