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About Us

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Endeavour is a special school for children with Moderate Learning Difficulties aged between 5 to 19. In December 2018 we converted to become an academy as part of Keys Co-operative Academy Trust, please click the link to view their website:


Our Primary, Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 provision is located on our main site in Hogarth Avenue, Brentwood.  Our Sixth Form is based at the Chadwick Centre a few minutes walk on Riseway, Brentwood.

We place the child at the centre of everything we do. Our philosophy is Explore, Develop, Refine and Apply. Involving the school, pupils, parents, and the wider community. It is through this philosophy that we seek to develop the intellectual, physical, moral and social potential of every pupil in the school.


Our curriculum is designed to be well balanced, but at the same time addressing the individual needs of the child. Our pupils are encouraged to become responsible and confident citizens, able to effectively express their needs, thoughts and feelings and respond appropriately to the demands of living in the community. It is our sincere aim that pupils will feel valued and in turn will value themselves and others. 


To speak with any of our Senior Leadership Team, please call the main office on 01277 217330 or email

What Our Pupils Say

“I like the School because I can learn more here. I like learning about the Titanic and I love PE.” 


Jack T

“I love our topic work on Volcanos. I also enjoy ICT club.”


Harrison K

“The teachers are wonderful, they are caring because they help me when i'm worried.”


Amelia J

“I like the teachers because they are really friendly and help you”.


Emilia M

“The Endeavour is incredible”.


George V

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