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Endeavour Co-operative Academy works with a variety of professionals and agencies to ensure additional support for our learners and families when necessary to enhance wellbeing and mental health. These may include: specialist nursing team, social care, CAMHS, speech and language therapy, Kids Inspire therapy, BSCWT (mentoring service), music therapy, counselling, pets as therapy

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Ofsted 2023


"The arrangements for Safeguarding are effective"

Leaders have recently expanded the safeguarding team. As such, the designated safeguarding lead (DSL) is supported by a well-trained team, confident to identify and help pupils when needed. This has ensured that appropriate concerns are brought swiftly to the attention of the DSL and that pupils receive timely support for low-level concerns. New reporting software has recently been introduced, so all staff can report safeguarding concerns promptly. Recruitment processes are robust and ensure that safeguarding is a priority from the outset. All necessary checks on staff, governors and visitors are completed to ensure that pupils are kept safe. Staff receive regular training to keep their knowledge up to date. Staff are aware that policies are available to guide them in taking action about, for example, who to contact should a concern about a colleague arise. As such, staff feel confident in managing all safeguarding concerns.

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