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In December 2018 The Endeavour School converted to an Academy and joined the Keys Co-operative Academy Trust, becoming Endeavour Co-operative Academy.

CEO's Welcome

Welcome to Keys Co-operative Academy Trust. We are a small Academy Trust located in Essex. We currently have two Alternative Provision schools, serving Mid and North East Essex and a Special School in Brentwood. Our Trust is based on Co-operative values which guide and inform the ethos of all of our schools.

To visit our Mid Essex Provision, The Heybridge Co-Operative Academy please click here

To visit our North East Essex Provision, The North East Essex Co-Operative Academy please click here


For all young people, regardless of barriers, to achieve their potential, enjoy positive life chances and make a positive contribution to their community.


We strive for each of our academies to be outstanding providers of education, helping young people to succeed in their lives through learning and personal development.


Providing outstanding education and support to young people:

  • Being dedicated to overcoming barriers to learning and providing high-quality support to our pupils and their parents or carers.

  • Encouraging all students to develop positive self-expression.

  • Having an appropriate, broad and balanced curriculum that meets the specific needs of the pupils to succeed in life, with an emphasis on future learning and employment.

  • Demonstrating through effective measures, that pupils make expected progress in their academic achievement, behaviours and attitude, attendance and punctuality and personal development, appropriate to their starting point.

Working co-operatively:

  • Putting our Co-operative values and principles in to practice in everything we do.

  • Giving all staff the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge relevant to their role to provide the best levels of support to our pupils.

  • Working co-operatively with our local stakeholders to secure the best outcomes for our pupils.

  • Having successful strategies to develop positive and respectful relationships between all pupils and staff.

  • Creating genuine learning communities which include students, staff, parents and carers as co-learners.

  • Being an employer of choice by providing a high standard of staff development and wellbeing.

Maintaining high standards:

  • For all staff to deliver exemplary standards within their roles and act as advocates and champions for our pupils.

  • Having strong strategic leadership and governance ensuring robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance.

  • Making the best use of the available resources to create a safe and stimulating learning environment.

  • Creating learning environments that are conducive to successful learning and personal development in which bullying and discrimination are not tolerated.


‘Great things happen when people co-operate. Through learning we empower and inspire individuals, co-operatives and communities to use co-operative values
and principles to build a fairer world’


We encourage all within the Trust to help each other, by working together to achieve shared goals


We encourage all members of the Trust to accept responsibility for themselves and others


We give everyone a say in the way we run our Trust


We ensure that everyone enjoys equal rights and benefits


We will treat everyone fairly


We are committed to supporting each other.


Keys Co-Operative Academy Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales.

Registered office: Heybridge Co-Operative Academy, The Street, Heybridge, CM9 4NB Company Number: 10831275

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