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Anchorage PTA

The Anchorage Association is the external support group for Endeavour, made up of Parents, staff and volunteers. The aim of the Anchorage is to raise funds to assist the school in projects that they identify as a means of supporting pupils and to enhance their learning experience.

In the past the funds raised have helped finance the sensory room and sensory trail. They also pay for the year 11 leaver’s annual trip as a way of celebrating their time at Endeavour.

Most recently the funds raised were used to purchase a set of class iPads and storage trolley. This is proving to have a real impact on the learning and enjoyment of pupils.

Claire Rayner joined Endeavour in June 2018 after working as a fundraiser for another SEN school for over 3 years. Her role involves applying for grants and sponsorship for the resources and opportunities our learners need to achieve their potential. To date she has raised funds to support the school's therapy provision, the purchase of iPads, the renovation of the courtyard and the donation of resources to support horticulture and classroom activities.

She also manages the Amazon wishlist and EasyFundraising (please see below). At the moment, her focus is the modernisation of the Library, ICT Suite and the Hall to ensure our learners benefit as much as possible from these areas within the school. If you want to get in touch with Claire you can contact her at:

Please have a look at this letter from Claire. If you can help out in any way, please contact her:

Thank you for your consideration.

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What do we do?

A Fire walk

Brentwood Fun Run

Quiz Nights

Bingo Nights

Band Nights

Get involved

If you or anyone you know who would be interested in supporting Anchorage activities and events by, taking an active part; helping to raise funds; donating items, or any other way possible, here’s how.


Parents / Carers / Friends

If you are a parent/carer of a child at Endeavour, and you would like to get actively involved, you would be very welcome. Ways to do this include: helping with preparation and at events, suggest ideas of ways to raise much-needed funds, finding raffle prizes and, of course, attending events the Anchorage put on.


Local businesses

If you are a local business who would like to get involved with helping raise much-needed funds for this very special school, we'd love to hear from you. This can be through anything from sponsorship of an event to providing prizes. We are open to suggestions and look forward to hearing from you, plus we always recognise our supporters in any publicity associated with the event and through social media.


Easy Fundraising

Easy Fundraising is a simple way to raise funds for Endeavour without it costing you a penny.  Just register by clicking on, and then click an extra button every time you shop online at 3,300 online stores and a percentage of what you spend goes to the school.  Please feel free to share this information with friends and family.  Thank you.


Amazon Wishlist

We have an Amazon wishlist. You can view this by clicking the link below. If you feel that you could buy a gift for the pupils at Endeavour by choosing something from our list, we would be very grateful.  Have a look by clicking on:

Thank you again.  Please feel free to share this information with friends and family. 



School Lottery


We now have a school lottery. If you would like to purchase a ticket for £1.00 per number per week, please go to and search for Endeavour. You will be entered into a weekly draw with a percentage of the funds going to the school. It's a great opportunity to support the school and have a chance of winning a cash sum. Thank you for your support.

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