6th Form

Aims and Vision for Post 16 at The Endeavour: 

The intention of the Key Stage 5 curriculum is for all pupils to leave being as independent as possible and to be prepared for the journey into adulthood. 


  • We aim to challenge our learners academically, emotionally and socially.

  • We strive to offer a broad curriculum that develops life skills for their future.

  • We aim to provide individually tailored advice and guidance for adulthood unique to the individual.

  • We aim to develop transferable life skills that will help pupils to access employment through the introduction of vocational qualifications and completing functional skills in Maths and English. 

         The benefits of attending The Endeavour throughout Keys Stage 5:

  • Students are taught within a safe environment, by excellent staff, where they can continue to grow in confidence whilst developing key life skills. 

  • Gaps in learning due to lockdown can be addressed to allow students to reach their full potential. 

  • Pupils will be provided with a unique pathway over the course of 3 years that will allow them to successfully progress into adult life.

  • The focus of learning at KS5 will develop and enhance transferable life skills.


Key Aims for Year 12 starting in September 2021: 

Curriculum - In year 12 we will focus on ensuring that all pupils achieve and catch up with any learning missed as a result of the pandemic. We will continue to deliver functional skills in Maths and English alongside a varied curriculum that allows opportunities to develop employability and personal development skills.

Explore various pathways - Work with local provisions to give students an experience of all routes open to them.

Community involvement and work experience - Students will spend time working and completing projects within the community. 

Experiences - Gain experience and develop confidence in the wider community through educational visits to colleges, workplaces and training providers.

Year 12 - Community Work Experience and enterprise. 


Year 13 - Community Work Experience, enterprise and introducing individual work placements. 


Year 14 - Community Work Experience, enterprise, introducing individual work placements and a focus on Post 19 Options. 


Transport to and from The Endeavour School: 


The Local Authority will not fund transport to school Post 16. Parents are required to apply for transport through Essex County Council’s Website. Transport will be provided at a cost of £300 per term or £150 per term for PPG students. 

How to apply - Deadline for Autumn Term transport applications is from 1.03.20 - 30.09.20:  


Transport applications form: 


Also all students in Year 12 and above will be required to apply for a concessionary bus pass under category F and complete the concessionary form below for the Headteacher to sign. This will be used to access local visits and introduce travel training.

How to apply for the concessionary bus pass:


Concessionary bus pass form: Please click here to download the form 


16-19 Bursary Funding - Vulnerable and Discretionary Bursary: 

Students may be eligible for bursary funding to help with education-related costs if they are aged between 16-19 whilst studying at The Endeavour Co-operative Sixth Form college. This bursary is allocated directly to the school and is related to personal financial circumstances. Forms available through the school office. 

What is the bursary for:-

Money allocated to students will be used to help support their education ‘in kind’, such as: 

  • Clothing, books and other equipment for their course.

  • Transport and meals during exertions or training. 


Vulnerable Bursary: 

Students in care, care leavers, young carers, students receiving Income Support / Universal Credit and disabled young people receiving both Employment Support Allowance / Universal Credit AND Disability Allowance / Personal Independence Payment are eligible for this funding. 


Discretionary Bursary: 

Eligible students at The Endeavour are more likely to fall into the discretionary bursary category. You could get a discretionary bursary if you need financial help but do not qualify for students in vulnerable groups. 

Further information relating to the 16-19 Bursary Fund can be found using the following link


The Endeavour Co-operative Academy Trust Bursary Funding Form:



New Sixth Form Building information: 

The Endeavour School Sixth Form Building will be constructed through the academic year 2021-2022. The new building which will be located on the school field and will be ready for use from September 2022.