Ethos and aims

Our philosophy is that ‘Learning is a Partnership of Discovery’. The central fulcrum to this partnership, and dictating the direction of discovery, are our pupils who lie at the heart of everything we do.

Our shared aim is for the pupils that attend The Endeavour to leave, at the end of Year 11, being as independent as possible. To achieve this we have created and implemented a curriculum that addresses our pupils’ needs. Our curriculum is not one that stands still; it is constantly evolving as our pupils evolve.

Through our journey of discovery we seek to develop the intellectual, physical, moral and social potential of every pupil in the school, always encouraging them to work towards achieving their personal best. We aim to extend the opportunities for pupils to experience learning and social experiences in the wider community.

Our pupils are encouraged to become responsible and confident citizens, able to effectively express their needs, thoughts and feelings and respond appropriately to the demands of living in the community.

It is important that all of our pupils make progress that is measurable, achievable and challenging, but is also relevant to their needs. In order to achieve this we use the pupils’ EHCPs as a starting point to measure their progress. This once again ensures that our pupils are at the centre of everything we do.

As the central focus of our school ethos, the pupils are involved in all aspects of decision making, both directly and indirectly. Each class is responsible for creating and implementing their own class rules for each member of that class to adhere to, as prescribed in our behaviour policy. The Key Stage and School Councils are a driving force behind school development.

Our partnership is not just between The Endeavour and its pupils, it includes their parents and carers too, and can take many forms. The underlying factor that makes the partnership work is two way communication between home and the school; sharing our knowledge of our pupils and your children all with the ultimate aim of maximum future independence.