School Council

The Endeavour Co-operative Academy values the opinions and ideas of all pupils from across the school. We therefore have our very own School Council which is made up of different pupils from all of Key Stages and classes. Each Key Stage School Council meet on a regular basis and discuss potential ideas and projects for the school, bring forward ideas and suggestions from pupils within their Key Stages, discuss and organise fundraising events and discuss proposals and developments taking place within the school that are linked to the School Development Plan. The work that the School Council does enhances the school’s ‘Partnership of Discovery’ ethos and brings together pupils and the wider school community to make the Endeavour Co-operative Academy a fantastic place to be. 


Meet our School Council


Key Stage 1 and 2

In Key Stage 1 and 2, pupils from Cook, Polo and Drake classes all represent their peers at meetings held every half term. This year, School Councillors will be looking at ways to improve friendships by arranging various activities throughout the school year. Additionally, they will be working together to organise Christmas and Easter celebrations, as well as organising an end of year party for pupils moving from Key Stage 2 into Key Stage 3. 


In Key Stage 3, pupils from Ride, Armstrong, Hadfield and Peake classes all represent their peers at meetings held every two weeks. This year, School Councillors will be working on ways to support pupils who attend The Endeavour Co-operative Academy as well as ensuring the school is doing all it can to help the environment. They will also be looking at organising potential KS3 events, including a Halloween party, Christmas party and Easter activities. 

KS4 & KS5


Pupils will work together in KS4 and KS5 representing their peers in meetings held every half term. This year, the upper school councillors will be looking at ways to develop their social skills whilst preparing for adulthood.  They will also be researching and planning various charity fundraising events.  Our students will be developing their ability to work as a team through the use of enterprise and local community projects.

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