School Council

Our ‘Partnership of Discovery’ ethos continues beyond the classroom and learning. This is clearly demonstrated through the work of the School Council, and its sub-committees.

Each Key Stage has their own sub-committee which is made up of pupils from each class in that Key Stage. The sub-committees are supported by their Key Stage Leader. The aim of the sub-committees is to work on projects that they feel will benefit the pupils attending The Endeavour.

The School Council is made up of pupils from the Key Stage sub-committees. The School Council meets every half term with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and a School Governor. At these meetings they provide feedback on the projects they are working on; bring forward ideas and suggestions from all pupils with in their Key Stage; discuss proposals and developments taking place within the school that are linked to the School Development Plan.


Meet the Councillors

School Councillors for KS2 represent pupils in Cook, Polo and Drake classes. Student Councillors will be focused on improving student friendship by arranging a wide range of activities throughout this academic year. So far our Student Councillors have approved and shown the Nativity Performance to their peers. Also they will be focused on discussing special events such as Easter and leavers parties for the students moving to KS3 in the next academic year.

The student council in Key Stage 3 consists of 10 pupils, 2 from each class who were voted into the role by their peers. They meet every 2 weeks on a Thursday to discuss and plan projects which would benefit the school. So far this year the pupils have discussed ways to support others at breaktime, looked into different activities around the school and began working on ways to improve our recycling.


The main focus of the KS4 school council is to identify charities who we would like to raise funds for as a whole school. They will be organising events throughout the year to raise money for a range of charities including Children in Need. The School Council members will work as a team to plan and run each event from start to finish. We are looking forward to raising money for charity and having fun in the process.

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