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School Council

Endeavour Co-operative Academy values the opinions and ideas of all learners from across the school. We therefore have our very own School Council which is made up of different learners from all of Key Stages and classes. Each Key Stage School Council meet on a regular basis and discuss potential ideas and projects for the school, bring forward ideas and suggestions from learners within their Key Stages, discuss and organise fundraising events and discuss proposals and developments taking place within the school that are linked to the School Development Plan. The work that the School Council does enhances the school’s ‘Partnership of Discovery’ ethos and brings together learners and the wider school community to make Endeavour Co-operative Academy a fantastic place to be. 


Meet our School Council

KS1 and 2 are represented by 6 pupils from Cook, Polo, and Drake classes. This year, the Council will be focused on improving friendships by arranging a wide range of activities throughout the academic year. Our KS1 and 2 have approved and shown the Nativity Performance to their peers. Also, they will be focused on discussing special events such as Christmas party, Easter, and the leavers party for those learners moving up to KS3 in the next academic year.


KS3 School Council is made up of 8 learners. We have 2 learners from each of our 4 classes. We meet at least once every half term.

Our main aim is for the learners' voices to be heard, to encourage ownership and responsibility for key events throughout the academic year. The Council Members liaise with the learners in their class, and across the Key Stage, in order to gather and share ideas for our meetings. We then discuss those ideas and cooperatively decide on how some of the discussion points can be implemented into everyday life at Endeavour.


KS4  school council meet every half term.  Our main focus is raising money for charity events such as Comic Relief, Children in Need and Jeans for Genes. The council discusses charities they would like to raise money for and organises creative events to support these causes.  We have also recently been helping Mr Chadwick with the design of the new building's playground, we have researched equipment that the children across the school might like and presented our findings to Mr Chadwick who is going to speak to the builders and hopefully make our dream playground come to life.


Sixth Form learners manage the organisation and running of the school Christmas Bazaar to raise money for the school.

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