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Sixth Form/Apply

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Sixth form intends to continue to refine and apply essential physical, social and work skills into adult life. The main focus is to encourage independence and develop confidence in the wider community. We intend for our pupils to be able to apply the essential skills needed to transition to the next stage of adulthood with increased independence. Pupils will complete two qualifications - BTEC Entry level Award into Vocational Studies and ASDAN Entry level in Personal and Social Development. These qualifications explore further education, the world of work and personal development and provide opportunities for pupils to develop confidence as they transition into adulthood.


Links to adulthood - Pupils will develop a greater understanding in the practical application of functional skills in literacy and numeracy, in order for them to apply these skills in the wider work/social environment. We intend to encourage our students to develop independent skills which allow them to make appropriate choices for living a happy and healthy life in the wider community.

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