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KS4 / Refine

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Throughout KS4 pupils refine the skills that they have gained in previous key stages to enable them to 'prepare for adulthood'. Pupils develop a variety of skills to enable them to live as independently as possible. Our curriculum is designed with the intent to enable pupils to make connections between their developing knowledge and concepts, their prior learning and their lived experiences. Pupils are empowered to use their literacy, oracy and mathematical skills in a wide variety of settings, enabling them to transfer their learnt academic skills into functional living. Throughout KS4, pupils increase their self esteem enabling them to work towards being confident, responsible individuals.


Links to KS5- Pupils build on their prior learning, applying the skills that they have learnt in KS4, focussing on their functional living skills and continuing to build their confidence in various settings such as work placements with the overall aim being for them to be able to live as independently as they are able to during their adult lives.

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